Data science consulting

Hi, my name is Olivier Simard-Casanova. I'm an economist and a data scientist.

In 2014, during my PhD in economics I started to learn R. And since then, I fell in love with the langage, with working with data and with communicating data-based results. I've also been writing for technical and non-technical audiences since 2015.

As a data science consultant, I've worked with multiple clients on data projects of various complexity — from small datasets merged from  administrative data to multi-millions research-oriented databases.

I have six main skills I can offer you: helping you find the right questions to ask, reviewing the literature, surveying people, working with the data, communication and training you and your team with R.

You can find more details on each of these skills below — and examples of my work. If you think I can help you, please send me an email at! I'll be happy to chat.


My skills

Helping you find the right questions to ask

Sometime we have a hunch, a dataset or just an idea. We feel there's something to be done about it, that it has potential to solve a problem or provide a solution — but it requires refining.

I can help you navigate this process and turn an idea into an actionable, concrete plan.
Reviewing the literature

In many instances, other people have already explored the same question as ours. Why not build on top of what they already learned? Reviewing the literature is a low cost, high return effort as it prevent to spend resources, time and money into reinventing the wheel.
Surveying people

The best datasets are the datasets specifically created to answer our questions. Surveys are a powerful tool to gather data but they require care and attention to make sure they measure what they're supposed to measure.

Thanks to my experience in experimental economics, online surveying and sociological interviews, I can help you design and/or run a survey.
Working with the data

I have a wide range of data-related skills. I've help customers clean and merge administrative datasets, explore multi-millions euros research-oriented databases. I've worked with public APIs and private data. I've worked with Excel files, CSV files, OpenOffice files and even XML files.

I know how to communicate complex findings in a simple, but not simplistic, way.

I definitely have a thing for graphs, dashboards and maps.They're a powerful way to communicate data-based insights. And since 2015 I've also been writing for many audiences (including the general public), both in French and in English (see my newsletters below). I've also useful skills in design and UX.
Training with R

I've ran several R training workshop at my former grad school in Nancy, France. I'm also the creator of DictionR, a collection of R code snippets designed to save R users a ton of time. I can train you and your team on various aspects of R.

And thanks to my experience with previous clients as an e-learning specialist and my online economics popularization activity I started in 2015, I can efficiently do the training in-person and online.

My work



Dashboards are a powerful tool to communicate complex data, especially when they're interactive.

You can browse my COVID-19 dashboard on the French region Lorraine (in French).

On top of my data science consulting work, I'm also a writer. I write several newsletters both in French and in English — including paid ones. You can find the full list here.

I've been writing for a general public audience since 2015.

Contact me

If you think I can help you, please send me an email at! I'll be happy to chat.