My PhD in computational economics
at the service of your decisions

Discover our unique blend of skills and how they can help you

Aléryon Science provides great insights rooted in computational economics

Aléryon Science is a super lightweight, cost effective and radically adaptable indie consultancy run by Olivier Simard-Casanova.

Aléryon Science helps you build evidence-based and data-based insights on your organization and your environment, thanks to our unique blend of skills.

On top of our technical skills in economics, data science and computer simulation (R & Python), we also have skills in communication, training and outreach.

The problems we solve

We are extremely adaptable. Here are exemples of problems we solved for our clients in the past.

You want to analyze and summarize private and public data in a rigorous but concise way to help you decide

You want to communicate complex ideas to an audience of non-specialists

You want to use insight drawn from a robust review of the scientific literature to make better decisions

You want to train your team with new computational tools or new scientific methods

You want an overview of the data you need, and how to obtain them

This list is indicative. Feel free to contact us to discuss more.

How we solve those problems

Our skills


Evidence-based insights from economics and the social sciences


Turning private and public data into powerful insights


Gain strong insights even when there is not enough data

We ♥ R & Python

Outreach & communication

Spread complex ideas in words, images and graphs everyone understands

  • We built and designed Aléryon Science’s website ourselves. See it as a live showcase of our communication skills.
  • We run L’Économiste Sceptique (The Skeptical Economist), the leading French speaking scientific outreach media in economics since 2018. And before that, we ran the now-defunct Le Signal Économie from 2015 to 2018.
  • We are experienced in blogging, community management on the major social networks (Twitter, Facebook and YouTube), podcasting, web hosting, online courses and vlogging
  • On top of helping you define a successful communication strategy, we can provide you the technical tools to help you broadcast your message and measure its reception

We have skills, and we know how to pass them to you and to your team

  • We have a 6+ years experience of university teaching in various schools: economics and management department, law and economics department, engineering grad school
  • We have a special expertise with online training via MOOCs and learning management systems like Moodle
  • We have 4+ years experience in scientific outreach
Strategy & organization culture

We adapt to any kind of organization

  • As a business ourselves, we understand businesses
  • As coders, we understand computer engineering
  • As researchers, we understand academia and research
  • As former public sector workers, we understand the public sector

We can host the tools you need

This service is intended for small teams with limited ressources but great ambitions. We have ourselves hosted many instances of all of those apps over the years.

This is perfect if you want to stay in control of all your data or need some custom features1Fees may apply..

  • Jupyter notebooks with various kernels (Python, R, Julia, etc.)
  • RStudio Server
  • WordPress installations
  • Gitea servers
  • Tiny Tiny RSS
  • YOURLS (URL shortener)
  • Kanboard (Trello alternative)
  • Matomo (Google Analytics alternative)
  • Nextcloud

How we work


The best way to understand your needs is to listen and ask questions


This is where our PhD level technical skills do wonders


We have skills, and we know how to pass them


Spread complex ideas in words, images and graphs everyone understands

We help at any stage of your project

Some projects are more advanced than others. Aléryon Science helps you at any moment in the lifecycle of your project.

Formalizing the need

Sometime it feels we need something, but it is not clear what. We can help clarify that.

Understanding the options

The need is clear, but what are the options – and their pros and cons?

Getting the work done

We provide our PhD level technical and scientific expertise


We can help you spread your message to the world

Passing the knowledge

Thanks to our training abilities, we can help you pass the knowledge on your team

They trust us

Last publications


Aléryon Science is a registered business in France under the SIRET number 51524782300021.

Olivier Simard-Casanova

Founder, Computational Economist & Data Scientist

While finishing his PhD in game theory, experimental economics and agent-based computational economics, Olivier created Aléryon Science to bring the benefits of what he learned during his PhD to organizations of all sizes. Visit Olivier’s website at

We are based in the beautiful city of Nancy in France

But thanks to the Internet (and Luxembourg airport) we can work worldwide.

Giving back to the community

On top of providing great service, Aléryon Science is also a socially responsible company governed by a set of strong principles. By working with us, you help us finance and directly provide essential public goods.

Scientific outreach

We run L’Économiste Sceptique (The Skeptical Economist), the leading French speaking scientific outreach media about economics.

Diversity in academic economics

Because we believe good ideas should be taken seriously regardless of the person who say them, Aléryon Science is committed to support efforts to promote a more open, more diverse and more inclusive field toward women, LGBTQ people and members of ethnic and religious minorities.

Fundamental scientific research

The tools we use at Aléryon Science have been created by researchers who released them from free. Aléryon Science helps Olivier Simard-Casanova supports this effort by doing fundamental scientific research in computational economics, reproducibility and meta-science.


It is always a pleasure to hear from our visitors! Drop us a line to see how we can help.